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Easter changes everything, but Palm Sunday shows us HOW. 
On Palm Sunday Jesus demonstrated once again He is more than a good man or an incredible teacher. He rides into Jerusalem in direct fulfillment of the prophecies of the coming Messiah, the Son of God, and hope of nations.

The people praised Him as KING as he entered Jerusalem for Passover. Then he went to die on the cross where (as a slight to the Jews) even the Romans labeled Him King of the Jews.

The throne was His, but He walked past it to the cross. He deserved a crown but He wore the thorns.

He did not die as a mere martyr or a fallen King.
He died as the ultimate, cosmic, and final payment for the sin of mankind. No man, martyr, or king could do that- only the Son God could.

That’s how Easter changes EVERYTHING.

Pastor James Bullock was brutally attacked and stabbed by 2 men. This tragic event triggered PTSD, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. All of this eventually put James in a Psychiatric Hospital. However, God brought the light back into his life and he shares with us how God moved in a mighty way in his life. To wrap up our Break the Silence series, we invited him to speak on the subject of depression.
He shared a moving song and a powerful message on Psalm 88 which we are glad to share below.

Anxiety is a more prevalent and complex issue than ever before, but it's not a new issue. The desire for status and the fear of being rejected is as old as sin. However, we can receive a new status and identity in Christ that can never be taken from us. It's incorruptible. It will never fade. It's secured for us through God's mercy.

This past Sunday Mandy Smith shared how suicide has taken the lives of people close to her.
There was more than we could share in the video on Sunday, so we've included the extended version here on the debrief followed by a discussion of the sermon.
Sunday's message as well as the video we shared of Mandy's Story can be found on our website here:

Following a moving testimony from Mandy Smith, Pastor Daniel shared this message on the Spiritual Battle that is waged in the life of someone who is entertaining thoughts of ending their life.

James Lindsay did an excellent job of closing out our revival service with a message that demonstrated that the life of a disciple does not consist merely of learning, but of obedience. Often that obedience is the opposite of convenience and deals with people who are difficult.

We were so glad to have Charles Cook back with us as a part of this revival. Charles delivered a clear and compelling message from Ephesians 5 on our call to be in the light, grow in the light, and live out the light Christ has brought into our lives.

We were honored to welcome Guest Speaker Corey Minter from New Hope FWB Church in Joelton, TN. Corey delivered a powerful message on hypocrisy from Mark 7 which highlights 3 characteristics of hypocrites: Empty Words, Filthy Hearts, and Prideful Worship.

We were honored to welcome Zach Taylor from our sister church in Owensboro, KY. Zach shared an important message from Paul's letter to the Romans on our need to be ready to go, indebted to those around us, and unashamed of the gospel.

Seasons of repentance and renewal lead to revival. We can't schedule revival, but we can plant the seeds of repentance and renewal and await the harvest of revival.

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