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In Luke 3 we see that John was sent to prepare the way for Jesus. He accomplished this through the preparation of hearts with repentance. Today we are praying for God to send revival and we prepare for this through repentance.

Maturity isn't an accident. You can grow older without growing wiser. You can grow taller without growing deeper. In this message we look at the way Jesus developed and grew into the life that would change the world.

Luke wrote 2 books and they're pretty remarkable. Today we'll see how Luke's first book stands apart and deserves our attention in a world crowded with content and information. Luke's gospel brings us into the presence of Jesus and that presence is significant and transformational.

Christmas not only brought hope to dark days, dark places, and dark hearts, it brought hope to a dark church. 2020 has been a dark year for the church and for our church, but when we are focused on Jesus our hearts are filled with hope and we can look to the future with anticipation.

Jesus arrived in a dark time and in a dark place, but it was in that shape because of the decisions of mankind. Jesus arrived when and where He did in order to turn back the darkness at the source, our hearts. Jesus would win back the world by winning back our hearts.

Pastor Eric shares with us that the hope we have in Christ is more than having a positive outlook.

The Hope we celebrate at Christmas shines brightest on the darkest of days and in the darkest of places. Celebrate HOPE with us this month to close out a most difficult year.

We didn't gather for our testimony service, so we've put one together digitally with a message on being realistically thankful. We hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you'll plan to join us in person or online again this upcoming Sunday as we focus on HOPE for the month of December.

People think Joy will be found in stuff, experiences, money, or popularity- but none of them deliver. In this worship experience Pastor Daniel shares the the secret ingredient to joy is gratitude.

We need to be thankful in good times and bad, but especially in the bad. This Sunday Pastor Daniel will share with us why this Thanksgiving is so important.

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