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At the end of this 3rd chapter in Jesus' life story as told by His best friend, John the Baptist explains why Christ must have the preeminence in our lives, homes, church, and community.

As a part of our VBS Program we focused on this important and powerful verse. There's no wonder this verse is one of the most famous Bible passages.

When the leading teacher of the Pharisees come to ask Jesus some questions he's astonished to learn that to enter the kingdom he must be born again. Jesus explains what this means and why it's possible.

John goes from telling us the story of Jesus converting water into wine at a wedding to Jesus flipping over tables inside the temple. These extremes show us that John wants us to see who Jesus is- all of Him.

Jesus didn't change the water into wine because He had to, but because He could. That's generosity.

The first chapter closes with the origin story of the very first core group, the disciples. Jesus could see their past and knew their potential. He invited them to follow Him because He knew His own power to lead them into their calling.

John the Baptist is extraordinary because of the location, the manner, and the substance of his testimony.

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Jesus was no man sent from God, He was God as a man.
He created all that we see, including us. He made us and then came to buy us back.

John wrote his gospel with a simple overarching principle, he'd show us the signs that would lead us to believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God so that believing we'd have life in Jesus' name.
We'll start our study through the Gospel of John in chapter 1 next Sunday!

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