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Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, confirming once again that he is the Son of God. He also shows us that He has the power to dissipate all the darkness and sin. He can fix all that is wrong with our world.

The religious leaders of the day did not care for the people but rather wanted to steal, kill, and destroy them. In contrast to these "shepherds," Jesus is the good shepherd who lays his life down for us sheep. When we follow the Good Shepherd, we find a life abundant with meaning and significance in the midst of an evil and broken world. 

Jesus gives sight to a man blind from birth but the religious leaders refuse to see their need of Jesus. We'll be plagued by blindspots until we open our eyes to Jesus.

When we follow Jesus, we abide in His truth and this truth sets us free from the brokenness and sin of this world and our hearts.

Jesus once again claims to be what we've been looking for, but this time it's in the middle of an important feast and right after demonstrating He doesn't judge like we judge. He came to save, not condemn.

There are no Genuine Disciples without a Genuine Jesus.

In the 2nd part of John 6, Jesus explains that He is the source of true life and offers His followers something far greater than what they're craving.

Jesus demonstrates once again that he has power over the physical and authority above the law, so that we might know that He can heal what is wrong with us at our core... sin.

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